Getting Inspired

I wanted to blog a story about a friend who inspired me to use my internet presence to make a difference. She was truly the one who pushed me and believed in me to use my words and express how I was feeling towards the issue that is abusive relationships. (*before I begin I just want to note that i’m lowkey a shitty writer and I know, I know I truly need to work on my grammar and my writing skills okay I get it, but just hang in there with me hopefully this will make sense lmao)

My good friend from high school is an extremely talented artist who is now doing incredible artwork with her own unique style. I recently reached out to her because I wanted to tell her how much I loved her art. I ended up asking her to make me something, however the art was just a plus of what I got from her. We began to catch up and talk about what was going on in our lives and I happened to mention my past relationship and how I was feeling lost at college. In high school I connected with her so much because I loved how real and unapologetically herself she was. She was one of the few people who didn’t care about social status or trying to fit in- I guess she has always inspired me in that way. She happened to mention to me that she was in a similar situation herself and had just recently gotten out of an abusive relationship. I was really angry because if you knew her you would know how genuine and sweet this girl is. She literally is the nicest, most outgoing, and most beautiful girl in the world. To hear that she had gone through a difficult time really frustrated me to say the least. I was honestly in disbelief. I felt so bad for her, but hearing her story and how she overcame her toxic relationship inspired me to be a better person. She gave me great advice, and just hearing her story and how happy and strong she is now made me feel better. When I was going through a hard time I confided in my friends who were nothing but supportive, but hearing someone with a similar experience to mine really opened my eyes and helped me find myself again.

In the future I would love for her to share her story on my blog. It is for sure in the works, but for right now I wanted to tell the story of how she inspired me and pushed me to be strong.


-xo Elaina

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