Source Spotlight:

Source Spotlight:

There are many amazing websites on the internet these days that can shed some light on domestic abuse, however this website in particular has some excellent resources that can help someone who is struggling. Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the signs between emotional, 

The APP that changed the damn game

Candid – Speak Your Mind Freely Check out this app called Candid at the app store: the link is above ^ This is a support group app that you can use to ask questions or gain anon support from others who are going through 

Helpful Videos

When I was going through a hard time, I came across these videos on YouTube. Comment your thoughts, or link videos you have found helpful below. In my opinion, I really enjoyed listening to Jaclyn Hill’s video (whenever I would get sad I would watch 


The National Domestic Abuse Hotline: When I was going through a difficult time, I turned to this website weekly for advice, help, and support. The National Domestic Abuse Hotline is amazing for many reasons. I used this site to get support so much because