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There are many amazing websites on the internet these days that can shed some light on domestic abuse, however this website in particular has some excellent resources that can help someone who is struggling.

Sometimes it can be hard to distinguish the signs between emotional, domestic, or substance abuse. is a website that provides many helpful guides when it comes to these troubling topics. A guide I found super helpful discusses the differences between Domestic abuse and addiction. Not only do they provide excellent statistics, they also talk about the signs of abusers and also explain how to get help to move forward. Below is a link to the guide that can try and help you or someone you love.

I spent some time scrolling and reading through, and I found that this website does an incredible job on breaking down different types of abuse and addiction to further educate and bring attention to some of the signs that you or someone you know could be going through.

This website also has a 24/7 help line, as well as an option on their site to find you a recovery center that is closest to you. The endless amount of resources and tools on this site is really helpful if you are looking to seek help for addiction or abuse. Like us, they also share stories about those who have survived troubling times.

They have tons of help for those who struggle with an eating disorder, drug addiction, or an alcohol addiction.

I encourage you to check out for their helpful guides, their 24/7 help line, and also to read about the signs and the symptoms that can happen in abusive relationships when it comes to addiction.


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