Thank You

Today was the launch of Because Love Doesn’t Hurt, and I am honestly blown away by the amount of positive responses on Instagram and Facebook. I have had over 6 people share their Survivor Stories, all of which were beautifully written and so vulnerable and personal. The most important thing about today isn’t about the likes or the comments- it’s about how so many people are thankful that there is a place where they can share their stories and help others. The submissions I received today explained that they strived┬áto inspire others to break away from abusive relationships and to have their stories explain that you are not alone. I think that is such a beautiful thing. People from all over the internet took the time, wrote down their stories, and sent them in hopes of helping others is such a pure and beautiful thing to do. I can not explain how full my heart feels right now. When first I had the idea for this website I never thought that it would be as successful as it began today. This is giving me the confidence to keep pushing myself to make this site the best it can be- and I sure as hell will try my hardest to do so. This is all about giving others the strength to either move on, get out of, or understand abusive relationships. I envisioned a small corner of the internet where people could form a community and to be vulnerable, and that is what we achieved today. Thank you to all of you who have shared this site- the overwhelming amount of support means the world to me.


-xo Elaina

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