Why did I Start Because Love Doesn’t Hurt?

I’m sure many people are curious, why I created this website. Easy. When I finally got out of a toxic relationship, I started hearing more stories from girls I went to college with. I heard terribly sad stories, which all had something in common- these girls didn’t know the line between a normal relationship and an abusive one. There are plenty of resources on the internet describing what an abusive relationship may be, however, I wanted to create a place online where people could come, read stories, submit their brave stories, and potentially help out someone who could be going through the same thing as them. My passion has always been to help others, but most importantly to listen to others. I want this website to be a place where people can be vulnerable about their experiences in hopes of helping others with their stories. No one should ever feel like there aren’t resources to help those who may be in an abusive relationship. My overall goal is to blog about experiences to give insight to those who might be going through the same thing and might not have a friend or an adult to turn to talk to. As weird as it may seem, after my toxic and abusive relationship fell apart I spent days googling, YouTubing, and attempting to find girls who have stories similar to what mine was. I was somewhat unsuccessful, and I hope this blog can help those who need it- just like I needed it. I’m here to support, inspire, and help those who need a friend or someone to confide to. I am so excited to see the growth of this site and to hopefully inspire others.


-xo Elaina

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